Welcome to the Deep Thinking Zone

The Thinker statue.
Photo by Avery Evans / Unsplash

I am increasingly annoyed at the lack of thoughtful, insightful, and meaningful content available today. There is so much noise, contempt, and curtness.

I've decided to use this space to explore ideas in long-form, to give myself the time and space to curate and mold those ideas.


  1. Provide a well-balanced, truthful, and reasoned viewpoint.
  2. Maintain civility and do not seek to offend or provoke.
  3. Enhance unique and non-obvious perspectives.
  4. Promote thinking more deeply and completely about issues.

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If you are interested in following along, please do! This will be a place free from the noise and clamor of social media, and it will be a place to engage with thoughts and ideas that I think are worthy to occupy one's headspace.

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